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You will get each and every module that we need for Abacus Practice.

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Abacus Teacher

I like this app especially visual calculator.it is different way to approach abacus by using artificial intelligence method.student enhance their skills using this test series and visual calculator.Thank you for that such a wonderful app and nominal fees you give to me sir.

Abacus Teacher

Very good app experience and supportive team. Practise worksheets are very much useful with timing.

Amitosh Prasad
Abacus Teacher

Amazing Plateform for practicing abacus calculation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The abacus practice software for teachers is a platform designed to enhance abacus teaching effectiveness by providing customizable practice modules, student test, interactive quizzes, and personalized features

The software allows teachers to create personalized practice modules tailored to individual student needs, track student progress in real-time, and challenges, and provide timely feedback, resulting in improved student learning outcomes.

Yes, the software is designed to cater to abacus teachers working with students of all levels, from beginners to advanced learners

No, The Abacus Practice Software is designed for Laptop, Desktop, PC , Computer only.

No, the software ca be used in the single device only in which it is installed.

This is an Offline based software. Internet is not required in using it.

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